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The Villages of Chalvington and Ripe

The villages of Chalvington and Ripe are located between the A27 and A22 roads and are close to the County town of Lewes and the seaside town of Eastbourne.
Ripe is 1120 acres and Chalvington 729 acres making Ripe the larger of the two villages.
The layout of the Roman road which joins the parish is still visible and in medieval times there was a highly profitable wool trade.
The name Chalvington (as Calvintone or Caveltone) is in the Domesday Book and comes from the Saxon Caelfa’s Farm. There is one public house, the Yew Tree Inn and one church which is dedicated to St Bartholomew.
Ripe is adjacent to Chalvington and is also mentioned in the Domesday Book (as Alchitone, Achiltone, Achintone, Echentone and Eckington amongst others).
Ripe was owned by Earl Harold before 1066. He became King Harold and died in the Battle of Hastings. In the Domesday Book Ripe was owned by Richard de Aquila.
The novelist Malcolm Lowry died at the age of 48 in a boarding house in Ripe and Ripe was also the home of tattooed performer Horace Ridler (the Great Omi) who died there in 1969.
There is a thriving community shop with Post Office which serves snacks and drinks, and each month is a 'Pop-up Pub' where villages congregate to discuss local matters, and one church which is dedicated to St John the Baptist.


Deanland Wood Park

RAF Deanland, as it was known in 1943-1944, played an important part in the Second World War.
It was a temporary airfield that hosted a Spitfire Squadron and had a number of exceptional successes.  Deanland played a large part in the battle with the ‘Doodlebug’ and was under the flight path of the machines aimed at London. Those stationed at Deanlands were the third highest scorers in the fighter squadrons and were believed to be the first Spitfire Squadron to give air cover to the D-Day landings.

Deanland is now a large park with nearly 400 homes and specialises in the active retired with no children or dogs living with them and has many facilities including an Inn, a swimming pool, a shop and bowling club. There are many pretty walks within our villages. It would be appreciated if dog owners would remove any dog mess so that our lovely countryside remains a pleasure for all.

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