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Governance Docs 2020

CPC - Grants

CPC - Dealing with enquiries

Financial Data 2018-2019

External Auditor Report and Certificate 2018/19

Accounting Statements 2018-2019 (inc Bank Reconciliation)

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/2019

Notice of Publication of Governance Report

Annual governance Statement 2019

Annual Internal Audit Report

Register of Member's Interests

Susan Conway

Alison Jane Dunbar-Dempsey

Geoffrey Charles White

John David Ward

Debbie Turner

Norma Geraldine Dashfield

William David Rogers

Cash book Payments over £100 - 2018-2019

Cash Book Payments over £100 -2017-2018

Cash Book 2017-2018

Asset list

Audit Report 2018

Financial statements 2014-2015

Code of Conduct

CPC Receipts & Payments Acc 2015

CPC Bank Reconciliation March 2015

CPC Cash Book-Income Mar 2015

CPC Cash Book-Payments March 2015

Model financial regulations

Parish Council Standing Orders

Meeting Dates 2015

Audit 2016

Governance 2016

Accounting Statements 2016

Audit Letter 2016


CPC Cashbook March 2017

Annual Governance Statement

Accounting Statements 2016/7

Annual Internal Audit Report 2016/7

Confirmation of the dates for the period of excercise of public rights

Internal Audit and Annual Review 2017

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