Green Garden Waste Collection

Do you have Garden Waste?  Read on.

Wealden District Council will be changing the way waste and recycling services are provided during 2013 - this will affect all residents in Wealden.

The new service will involve some changes to your existing bins and containers.   Full details will be sent out before the new service starts at the end of July, but basically: 

1)         Your refuse bin will continue to be used as the bin for everyday household waste that cannot be recycled. 

2)         Your current bin for green waste will become your bin for 'mixed recycling' taking paper, cans, foil, aerosols, beverage cartons, plastic bottles plus a wider range of plastic  items. Your cardboard will also go into this bin for 'mixed recycling'.

3)         Your current blue box/caddy will be used for recycling glass jars and bottles. This will also be picked up from the kerbside by the Council.

4)         If you want to continue receiving a Free Green Garden Waste Collection service (grass clippings, hedge trimmings, weeds etc. but not cardboard), YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS SERVICE BY 31st MARCH 2013. Wealden's registration begins on 25 February. An additional brown coloured wheelie bin for green garden waste only will then be delivered shortly before the new service starts in July.

If you don't want a bin for green garden waste then you do not need to do anything.  If you miss the registration deadline, then you may have to wait several months for your green garden waste collections to resume.

The additional wheelie bin for garden waste will become your third wheelie bin. You may want to consider if you do need a third wheelie bin or not.  If you rarely have garden waste it may be easier to compost it at home or take it to your local Household Waste Recycling Site (HWRS) on the odd occasion you have garden waste rather than have the third bin.
There are many good compost bins that can be bought to help you compost at home - some will even take food waste and are highly effective. Please visit and follow the link to the getcomposting website or call 0844 5714444 for more information on how to get reduced price home compost bins and food waste digesters from East Sussex County Council.

In July Wealden will be improving its kerbside recycling services to include glass and wider range of plastic items.  As part of the changes you will need to register with Wealden District Council before 31 March if you want to continue to receive a FREE green garden waste collection for lawn mowings, hedge trimmings, weeds etc. but not cardboard. Registration begins on 25 February.

It will involve you having an extra wheeled bin. From July, cardboard will be placed in a container for mixed recycling. More details on the Wealden website, or call 01323 443322


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