Re:  Stop Speeding Pledge

As you are no doubt aware speeding is a priority on nearly all neighbourhood policing panels in Wealden District.  Part of the core strategy being promoted by your neighborhood policing teams is the ‘Stop Speeding Pledge’.

The pledge is designed to encourage, educate and promote safer driving and reduce casualties on the roads of Wealden.  In order to encourage drivers to engage in the pledge we are asking all parish councils to keep a running total of ‘pledges’ made by their communities.  This information will be fed to you via your neighbourhood policing team.

As part of our ‘Stop Speeding Pledge’ campaign we will promote Sussex Police’s Operation Crackdown and encourage residents to participate in the their community’s priorities.

It would be beneficial to us and your communities if you could support this campaign by advertising its purpose via your internet or parish pump magazines.  Any local road safety event details could also be included, potentially turning the ‘pledge page’ into a regular roads safety message for your parish community.

We hope you support this initiative and look forward to any suggestions or feedback you may have with regard to it’s implementation.

Yours sincerely

PCSO Iain Tomsett
Casualty Reduction Officer